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Sl. No.Title Category Date
NBSE Examination guidelines 2022 notificationsNotifications21st March 2022Click Here
2P&AR Notification of Identified PostsNotifications1st Oct,2021Click Here
3P&AR Notification of Identified PostsNotifications13 Aug 2020 Click Here
4P&AR Notification of Identified PostsNotifications20th March 2020 Click Here
5Notification of Nagaland Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules 2019Notifications21st Feb, 2020 Click Here
6Notification of Special CourtsNotifications28th Oct, 2019Click Here
7Notification of Special ProsecutorsNotifications11 Oct,2019 Click Here
8Notification of competent authority to register organisationsNotifications13th Aug, 2019 Click Here
9Notification of 4% Job ReservationNotifications13th Aug, 2019Click Here
10Notification of competent authority for registration of institutesNotifications13 Aug, 2019 Click Here
11KMC notice to restaurants-hotelsNotificationsMar 16-2019 Click Here
12Chief Engineer-PWD-housing-Notification-on-Accessible-India-CampaignNotificationsFeb 5-2019Click Here
13Notification-of-Mission-Mode-Team-for-AccessibilityNotificationsFeb 5-2019 Click Here
14Transport-Department-Notification-for-Accessible-TransportNotificationsFeb 5-2019 Click Here
15Nagaland Parasports CommitteeCircular12th May 2022 Click Here
16Re-constitution of District level committeesCircular20th Feb, 2020Click Here
17Chief Secretary’s Office MemoCircular13th Aug, 2019Click Here
18ITC OM on Web AccessibilityCircularFeb 5-2019Click Here